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Club Eyrie

Where Eyries come to meet new friends!

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Welcome to Club Eyrie, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the noble Eyries of Neopets!

Before joining, please read this thoroughly!

This community has been created and is maintained by hollyannvix. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this community, please be sure to contact her.

This is a Role-Play journal. People who own Eyries on Neopets and choose to role-play their Eyries must have a LiveJournal account for their Eyrie...Such as my Eyries clax and auroratry. Please do not post as your own personal journal account. If you need a LiveJournal code to create an account for your Eyrie, you may feel free to join the list and post about it, but DO NOT make yourself annoying about it (like, don't post 10 posts in a row, saying "Give me a code!"). If anyone has a spare code they can give you, they will let you know. NOTE: ANY MEMBER TRYING TO "SELL" A CODE IN EXCHANGE FOR NEOPOINTS OR ITEMS ON NEOPETS ON THIS COMMUNITY WILL BE BANNED!! This is because it is against Neopets Rules.

Please keep the over-all rating to PG at the very highest. No adult language or situations please. Light flirting (such as blushing or saying another Eyrie is pretty) is definately allowed :) Anything that is considered too adult or exceeds the PG limit, will be given a warning. If you continue your bad behaviour, you'll get a second warning. Your third warning will result in a ban. Please keep "colourful" language to a minimum. The words "hell" and "damn" should be the worse possible case of cussing that is allowed here. Any other words will either mean your post will be edited, or deleted, depending on the content.

This is a Role-Play community. When you post as your Eyrie, please remain in-character. If you MUST say something out-of-character, then please post OOC next to the message and make sure to put that message in bold. Here's an example of this...

OOC: By the way, I've got a sale in my shop!

Putting the message in bold will let everyone know that that particular message is the Out-of-Character message. When you're going back into character, you'll need to remove the bold script to let others you're back in character.

In order to post on this community, you must be In-Character as your Eyrie, and your Eyrie must have their own journal. The only other acception to posting on the community is to get a LiveJournal code so that you can Role-Play an Eyrie. You are only allowed to post ONE post per week if you're looking for a LiveJournal code. If you make yourself an annoyance by constantly bugging for a code, you'll be banned from posting here. Role-Playing as an Eyrie is strongly encouraged. If you yourself have a code to offer, DO NOT post the actual code on the community! Simply post something like "I have a code to offer!" and give the code to the person by Email or whichever way you want, but do NOT publically post the code, for someone else might see it and snatch it up.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact hollyannvix, the maintainer of this community. The leaders of Club Eyrie are clax (a purple Darigan Eyrie) and auroratry (a cloud Eyrie), and they're to be treated with the proper respect...don't worry, they're very easy-going. ;)

Lastly, is plugging. You ARE allowed to post Beauty Contest plugs, plugs for your trades and shops, etc. You may also plug for a friend. However, if you are advertising for a Beauty Contest picture in which the drawing has been stolen from another artist, you will be automatically banned. Being an artist myself, I DO NOT like art theft. If you need to plug multiple things, please do so ALL IN ONE POST. Do NOT flood the community with one plug per post. Instead, please place them all in one post.

Whew, hopefully that's not too much rules to go by...We hope you enjoy your stay here. :)