Oribaa (oribaa) wrote in clubeyrie,

Listen to my tale.

My name is OribaaSama, feel free to call me Oribaa. I am younger than most of you, and, mentally unstable.

I joined the clique in April, on the ninth of this month, as a Red Eyrie. I was the elder, the oldest, the biggest and the strongest. I had to protect Kyarorin, Emirii and a little later on, Mariiruu. The two first are Lennies and the latter, a Korbat.

40 days after my arrival, Fergie joined me. Who is Fergie, you might say? Fergie is my loyal follower, my faithful Pepito.

When June came by, I started to feel depressed. I heard, from Kyarorin or the others, tales from the wonderful Eyries out there. I started to feel blue. I was suffering from the most severe form of Neoblues, the equivalent of a depression. Mariipia, which joined the clique in late May, was my only cure, but, after a while, even her presence was not enough. I met a Quiggle, called CapitaineRevolte, who taught me the important things were not appearence and strength. But, his wisdom was not enough. I feel more pathetic as the days went by.

To avoid more trouble, I had to get morphed into something else on June 9th. My choice ws the Mutant JubJub.

Life as a JubJub was easy and swell. I was carefree, useless. I was still strong, but, less eager to help and caring for my peers.

Ten days after my morphing, I met a Samurai Blumaroo, who taught me something else. Miriiamu(That was her name), the baby of the clique, told me than, no matter what others Eyries did, the scratch I would leave when I'll be gone will remain. On June 24th, I decided to become an Eyrie again. I became a Green Eyrie on July 2nd, near 9:00 PM.

I'm not ashamed of my stories. I will not be remembered for the fights I fought, or for my behavior on the battlefield, unlike most of you.

But, the things we have in common are our pride, our courage, our strength, our desire to protect.

During the time I was a JubJub, those values were not as important as now, or before.

That's it.
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